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Leather 3 Ring Binders

Leather Binders

Ring Metal Options:
Round | Slant D | Straight D | Black | Brass | Nickel

Leather 3 Ring Binders

It’s that first appointment with the big account, you spent days preparing your presentation. You walk into their boardroom and sit in front of their decision makers. You pull your binder out of your bag and lay it on the table. It is old and beat up. One of the pockets has a tear and the corners show years of wear and tear. It leaves an indelible mark with your audience that will be hard to overcome. As they say, ‘you never get a second chance...’

VIP Executive Binders offers leather binders, leather 3 ring binders and custom presentation folders that are the very best in professional appearance.  These products are made with exquisite detail and care.  Each one is hand processed by our team of specialists.

Gives the impression of unmatchable professionalism that speaks volumes about you and your company before you even say a word.

Two options:

  1. Turn and Sew Binder.  This is a turned edge binder product and the outside material is turned around the inside of the board.  The edge is then stitched around the binders for the sewn look.  This product requires a reinforced vinyl for the outside.
  2. Seal and Sew Binder- This is a heat seal product and the outsides and inside material are heat sealed together.  The edge is then stitched around the binders for a sewn look.  This product requires a non-reinforced vinyl for the outside.
  3. There are two business card options on the executive pocket:

    1. One vertical and one horizontal business card pockets on the executive pocket made with the same vinyl as the pocket.
    2. One horizontal business card pocket with clear vinyl.

Executive Binder Options:

  • Outside Material Burgundy, Navy, or Black in either reinforce or non-reinforced Castilian vinyl.
  • Inside Material: Black vinyl with moiré finish, or any standard vinyl in a suede finish.